New Technology is diffusing into a wider engineering audience than ever before. With the advent of true systems level ASIC libraries and HDL synthesis tools, it's easier than ever before to create complex new systems ... and violate other's patents.

Henry Davis Consulting provides expert technical review of patents. You or your legal department can work with us to understand the complexities of the proposed (or existing) product area. Our analysis and your identity are confidential.

Watch for our upcoming multi-client technical analysis CD-ROM products. This exciting new concept will provide you with thousands of text searchable patent abstracts, along with full patents for some of the key technology and products. The CD-ROM also includes technical reports and analyses for selected system level issues. Our first CD-ROM product covers microprocessor and microcontroller technology. If you are developing complex ASICs, this CD-ROM product is a must for your engineering library.

NOTE: All products and reports are of a technical and business nature only. No legal advice is intended or implied. You should seek competent legal counsel to provide interpretation of our technical and business reports.
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