About Irene Davis

Irene Davis is an experienced professional in multiple disciplines including archaeology, direct sales, advertising, marketing communications, copy writing, documentation, training, and small office consulting. In addition to her experience in professional communications, Irene holds a Master's degree in Anthropology that aids in breaking through cross cultural barriers in business. Her practical knowledge of personal interaction and cultural dynamics is key to creating clear and concise yet powerful communications.

Irene has experience as a writer and editor in both the consumer and high technology fields. Her credits include construction manuals for hobbyist products, computer language manuals, hardware principles of operation, many utility program documents, marketing brochures, advertising copy and much more. She has written and edited documents for numerous high technology companies including IBM, National Semiconductor, Signetics, American Microsystems, Ferix, IDT, Texas Instruments, and many others. Irene also has provided communications services to consumer oriented companies like the IBM PC Company, SCUBA shops, health care professionals, nursing homes, non-profit groups, and many civic service organizations. Her professional writing credits comprise over fifty separate major documents, hundreds of brochures, and advertisements.

Irene's documents have won awards as part of critically acclaimed products such as microprocessor development systems and programmer's tools for computer aided software engineering (CASE). Many of her documents have received readers' compliments for their clarity, conciseness, and completeness.

Irene also provides guidance for small to moderate sized (less than 100,000 pieces mailed at one time) direct mail programs.

In addition to her eighteen years of experience as a technical writer and editor, Irene also has hands on experience in direct sales and sales management. Her personal sales production has gained her numerous sales incentive awards. She is a regular provider of sales and marketing training to direct sales professionals.