About Henry Davis

Henry has 22 years of global business experience including all aspects of high technology operations. Trained in Computer Science and Business Administration, Henry has held engineering and engineering management positions at technology companies like American Microsystems, Analog Devices, and Texas Instruments. He is intimately familiar with software, hardware, and systems design at all levels, having practiced engineering and management in each field.

As an international business manager, Henry has been responsible for turning around seven separate business entities. His international experience includes strategic alliances in Japan, Germany, Denmark, France, Korea, and Taiwan. While the Digital Signal Processing Business Manager at Analog Devices, he conceived and executed a highly targeted strategy to service emerging applications in the Mixed Signal Processing market. Under his stewardship, the Analog Devices Digital Signal Processing business rose to become the number two player in the market from a position as an "also ran." His business skills have helped numerous companies build stronger positions. IBM Microelectronics is among these. As an advisor to the Mwave group within IBM Microelectronics, Henry was instrumental in moving the company into the forefront of Multimedia technology suppliers.

Henry has the distinction of receiving: Electronics Magazine's Technologist of the Year award for his pioneering work in microprocessor development tools, Electronic Products Product of the Year award, Distinguished Lecturer awards from Texas Instruments, praise from the American Electronics Association as a seminar leader, and a special award from the school system of Brunswick, Maine for his efforts in computer literacy for high school teachers. He has been interviewed and quoted by such influential magazines as EE Times, Electronics, Electronic Business, Electronic News, and The Wall Street Journal. Henry's publishing credits include over 100 articles in more than 30 international journals and magazines.

Henry has a unique blend of entrepreneurial experience through startups, hands on business management, engineering, manufacturing and marketing that allows him to see not only the tactics necessary to achieve a goal, but also the bigger picture of winning global strategies vital to the successful company.