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TITLE: The Beatus Maps: Paris III
ca. 776 A.D.
Beatus of Liebana (died 798)

DESCRIPTION: The map now known as the Paris III Beatus map presents a very different approach that is confusing when compared with the other derivatives. Dated approximately 1050 A.D., the style is somewhat unique, and it places Palestine in the interior of Africa and southern Italy next to Jerusalem. A major departure from the other Beatus copies the Paris III places South at the top, vice East on all the others, suggesting an Arabic influence. It makes this substitution with such inconsistency, in regard to other parts of the map, that it is clear that the copyist is departing from his original. Paradise is placed in the extreme East, not on an isle as in many other designs, but on the mainland following Isidore of Seville, encircled by unscalable mountains, and accompanied by pictures of either Adam and Eve or of the Four Sacred Rivers (the Pison, Gihon, Hiddekel, and Euphrates ). Yet, like the Osma map the Paris III represents the Skiapodes, or Shadow-footed men, of the Southern Continent. The principle towns, represented by drawings of castles and cathedrals, dominate the map's appearance. The traditional fish 'swim' the oceans, without the appearance of boats, 29 islands are displayed.

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