Henry Davis Consulting

"Henry Davis orchestrated our most successful product marketing program ever. The response rate from well qualified prospects has exceeded our highest expectations."

These are the words of one of Silicon Valley's senior business managers. Engineer, programmer, marketer, businessman, entrepreneur, author, lecturer, and consultant; our diversity of experience means rapid learning and extraordinarily broad views of markets, products, businesses and opportunities.

You can bring this wealth of experience to bear on your marketing and business opportunities. We specialize in helping clients increase profit and sales, strengthen product line offerings, and establish a well understood position in the marketplace using relationship building techniques and guerrilla marketing. Our clients have ranged from small retail stores to huge multinational high tech manufacturers. Working hand in hand with clients, we have produced innovative, enduring, and effective programs that meet budget constraints and business needs.

Effective marketing means delivering goods and services your customers want, need and can afford. Today's marketing problem is how to be effective. Many thousands of new products are produced every year, and consumers want even more. This proliferation of products makes marketing any product, including industrial goods, difficult. Market researcher Regis McKenna estimates that you and your customers are bombarded by 3,000 to 4,000 product messages per day. The sheer number of product messages creates mental clutter that is increasingly difficult to deal with.

Cutting through the product clutter can be done by traditional brute force techniques or finessed through Henry Davis' approach to marketing. You can use marketing to get qualified prospects to notice and evaluate your products. Our marketing techniques also give a lower cost per inquiry than many of the more traditional mass marketing techniques.

Traditional marketing focuses on convincing prospects to buy what the company has produced. More enlightened companies have adopted a more customer oriented approach. The "customer oriented" approach strives to produce exactly what the customer wants. Both of these approaches tend towards extremes. Traditional marketing drives salesmen to force products on customers whether or not the products meet customer needs. Customer oriented marketing, taken to its extreme, has companies make every product to customer specifications.

Henry Davis Consulting Inc strives to use every available marketing technique in a blend that becomes easily identifiable to your customers and prospects. You focus on conveying your identity as opposed to an image. Marketing demands that you become nimble as a business; you must become quick to identify important trends, sure in your analysis, and decisive in your actions. In many regards, our approach to marketing means that you avoid head-on battles with your competitors and use their own strength against them. Unlike warfare, you can redefine the rules of business engagements. You must slice the market in new and different ways which are to your advantage. There are literally thousands of marketing techniques available to you. We can show you how to get your company's proposition in front of busy executives every single day for a month or more for less than $1 per executive! Another company received over 1,000 pages of useful documentation on how to use their product, spent less than $50,000 to do it, and added over 500 new customers using one of our techniques. A "bit player" in the semiconductor industry successfully redefined a market leader's approach and garnered significant press coverage for their own products; all it took was a simple-to-execute education program. Great marketing takes practice; you can get a head start by using our experience.

Small and mid-sized companies can have high level marketing expertise without the cost of a full-time marketing executive. Time and money savings can be significant. One of our clients had spent millions of dollars in advertising, publications, and trade shows with no significant return. We helped them reduce their overall budget and triple their sales. You can also profit from our experience in launching over one hundred new products. A small up front effort can eliminate costly mistakes and save time. Protect years of hard work from a large competitor with deep advertising pockets. Together we can create a plan to address possible competitive responses. And if you'd like, we can execute the program with you.

You've worked hard to build your business this far. Won't you reach a little farther?

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